No More “No Repro”

How many times have you used or heard the line, “it works on my machine,” or, “I can’t recreate that bug”? During most software projects, countless hours are spent (wasted?) trying to communicate bugs – what happened, when, why, how – between testers and developers. Many bugs get swept away because they can’t be reproduced, only to be found the bugs really do exist – when the end users are running the system in production. In this session we’ll take a look at how Visual Studio 2010 will help eliminate this game of “no repro ping pong,” and streamline communications between developers and QA.


  • How Do We Test Software?
  • Visual Studio 2010 Test Elements
    • Manual Test Cases
    • Test Case Parameters
    • Action Recording and Fast Forward
    • Shared Steps
    • Bug Reporting
    • IntelliTrace
    • Bug Verification
    • Test Configuration and Assignments
    • Reports