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Understanding T4: <#@ parameter #> directive

Visual Studio 2010 introduced a new T4 directive called parameter. This directive provides a standard method for defining input parameters in text templates as well as passing parameter values at run time.

Understanding T4: MSBuild Integration

This article describes the new capability offered by Visual Studio 2010 to perform template-based code generation at build-time, with the help of a set of MSBuild extensions available as part of the Visualization and Modeling SDK.

UML Modeling and Code Generation in Visual Studio 2010

This article provides an overview of UML modeling in Visual Studio 2010. Assuming that reader is already familiar with UML, it focuses on custom UML profiles - an extensibility mechanism that can be used to tailor UML models to a particular problem domain. Readers will see an example of such a profile, which extends UML Class Diagrams for database modeling. Finally, the article shows how code can be generated from UML models using T4 text templates.

Simplifying Entity Framework: Data-Driven Design

This article reviews the theory and practice behind ADO.NET Entity Framework, discusses limitations of the current tools it provides and compares the benefits offered by solving the object-relational impedance mismatch against their costs. The article suggest using Entity Framework to improve and reduce costs of data-driven application design, which is prevalent in todays information systems and describes a code generation solution built using T4 Toolbox that can be used to achieve this goal.

T4 Toolbox: Automatic Template Transformation

This article discusses new features of T4 Toolbox that allow you trigger code generation automatically when the input or model file changes and while still giving developers the ability to customize the code generation using rich template-based functionality of T4.

T4 Toolbox: Support for Visual Studio 2010

As of version 9.10, T4 Toolbox now supports Visual Studio 2010 in addition to Visual Studio 2008.

Understanding T4: Preprocessed Text Templates

This article provides an overview of preprocessed text templates in Visual Studio 2010 and includes detailed description of differences between preprocessed and traditional text templates.

T4 and CodeDOM - Better Together

This article discusses advantages and drawbacks of T4 and CodeDOM and shows how to combine these code generation technologies to get the best of both worlds and allow tool developers to build code generators that can produce code in multiple .NET languages and allow application developers to extend them using templating features of T4 and the programming language of their choice.

Customizing TFS Process Guidance

This article provides an overview of customizing process guidance for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

T4 Toolbox: Visual Basic as Template Language

As of version 9.7, T4 Toolbox now supports Visual Basic as the template language in addition to C#.